Enjoy Salvadoran Cuisine from La Cabaña at OWFF 2016

Don’t have time to eat before heading over to the 27th Annual One World Film Festival tonight and this weekend? No problem! La Cabaña has got you covered, with delicious Salvadoran food at affordable prices.

See the menu below and visit their website for more information about this restaurant, providing food at reasonable rates at the One World Film Festival September 30th to October 1st at the Library and Archives of Canada (395 Wellington St.) in Ottawa.

  • Pupusas: Revueltas y de Queso $3

El Salvador’s national dish! Warm, handmade tortillas stuffed with your choice of filling: Revueltas (Pork, Cheese & Beans) or Queso (cheese)

  • Tostadas de Frijoles $6

A crunchy tortilla topped with refried beans, crumbled Feta & shredded lettuce

  • Panes con Pollo estilo Salvadoreño $6

Oven-roasted chicken breast slices, lettuce in a panini roll, smothered with a rich, spiced sauce—it’s all about the sauce!

  • Tamales de Pollo $4

Lightly spiced masa wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf, filled with chicken, potato & olive

  • Tamales de Elote $4

Mildly sweetened corn masa wrapped and steamed in corn husks

  • Platanos Fritos $4

Ripe & sweet plantain slices, fried until golden

  • Flan $4

Custard dessert topped with sweet caramel sauce

  • Quesadilla Salvadoreña $3

Not to be confused with the other quesadillas, this pound cake/cheesecake fusion is a yummy dessert

  • Queso Panela Asado $3

Grilled halloumi-type cheese wedges

  • Horchata $3
  • Tamarindo $3
  • Water $2